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The Ache of Silence
I'm having withdrawals
The breathlessness
The tears
The itchiness
I need my moments in eternity and
the feel of omniscience
The speakers can't get play loud enough for me to lose it
There isn't enough to consume me
There isn't enough of /me/ in this movement
They said giving it up would better me,
propel me,
help me focus on building a better future.
But I'm tired of moving forward
without having a song to sing.
:icondjvolli:DJvoLLi 2 0
I am s  h a    p e  l  e      s  s
Mirrors can’t show,
       Photos can’t show,
               Awards can’t show,
Me, nor my inner dialogue.
Because I am s    h    a pe   l e ss
Twisting, tangling, toppling
       Over me and me and you and me
               These thoughts in the air between us
That s ha p  e le s      s place
In the space
we’re told is imagination
In the space – yes that place
               where I can be,
        could be,
               will be,
        as powerful as I need to overcome myself and this matrix of life.
Because on the outside I’m not shapeless.
Mirrors show my round body.
Photos show my sym
:icondjvolli:DJvoLLi 4 0
Sunbeams tickle and lick at
messy soaked hair and wind swept swings.
Little feet run circles ‘round the yard,
now home to puddles and small pieces of rubber
from water balloons.
They laugh and tumble through the grass,
sour apple snacks on their tongues and
a grandmother’s voice in their ears to
“Be careful please!”
For she stands on the red patio, capris soaked to the hips from
filling and tying balloons that splattered the lawn
in wild spin art of children’s play,
nothing but smiles for the rest of the day.
:icondjvolli:DJvoLLi 4 0
Cat Burglar
People stopped to watch as a local teen walked quietly down the sidewalk, every once in a while, making small kissing sounds at the leashed animal at their side. Children pointed and tried to touch the small animal, but they were stopped by the firm hand of a parent. The beast master kissed softly at the furry thing again, “Come on kitty. You’re doing so good!” Kris, the neighborhood cat trainer, was on their daily walk with a new trainee. With clicker in one hand and treats in the other, Kris lead the small calico up and down the street with ease. One might wonder what could lead a bright young mind to such a hobby. Was it a family legacy that needed to be passed down? Was it a strange obsession with small felines? Or perhaps boredom? None of those, but in fact it was crime, that lead Kris to the path they traveled on daily.
Kris was born like any regular child. Upside down, all their toes, the works; what distinguished Kris from their peers was a love for stealing.
:icondjvolli:DJvoLLi 3 0
Some girls are so lucky to have a giant
Hers came with thunder and brought smoke into the house
His face was full of canyons,
         and she knew that little people explored there
But Lord knows what happens when children live in the shadows of giants.
They get stepped on.
“I can’t do it anymore. I give up.”
Giants are good friends;
They know witches and are loved by cats
They have so many stories to tell little girls
         and she listened so very intently
But Lord knows what happens when children live in the shadows of giants.
They can dream of other magical things.
“Only witches like you and your grandma can charm cats like that.”
Giants are generous creatures, more generous than humans.
They bring trees into homes, and
Put aside riches for the future
         She couldn’t see the money then, but she’d need it soon
But Lord knows what happens when children live i
:icondjvolli:DJvoLLi 2 1
Your presence makes my stomach upset.
I can't explain the sudden
unrest which
keeps me coiled and my eyes
Words are heavier than lead. This weight
on my chest is enough to crack my courage
there you are, bringing it down
against my shoulders.
Every word thought and word taken, only to
:icondjvolli:DJvoLLi 3 1
Bunny Bunny
His pitter-patters thump
    against the floor
as he runs, tail high and kinked,
    to greet me at the door.
A chirp then a rub.
A hop and
into my arms he comes rumbling,
wiggling and squeaking.
He missed me, and I
    kiss his ears in agreement.
Firm against my chest.
Glossy black on my skin.
I'm the only girl that gets
    pumpkin spice all year long.
And as I look into his deep orange eyes;
all my stress is gone.
:icondjvolli:DJvoLLi 6 0
They call it 'Night'
This tomb of gloom and tragedy
Cold. Dark. Misery.
This darkness...
They call it “night”

    Quiet. Inspiration. Romance
    All long for your soft radiance

I wax, then wane
My spirit sinks
Why rise every day!?
Then they lie, they steal
They cheat, they kill...

    How self-absorbed you are!
    This darkness they call “night” is much more than being a fright!
    They need the dispassion of your calm silky air

Yet I hear their shouts; their screams
    ...because they struggle through my day
Even in their dreams
    ...without rest or time for play
    You bring them peace can’t you see?
“Can’t I see?” past this travesty!?
    Look not at the pain
    While others fight
    Some dream all night.
    Watch the children in their beds
    See th
:icondjvolli:DJvoLLi 1 0
They keep saying it's
Going to get easier
But I doubt it will
I see my hands slow
I feel my own eyes roll back
About time death rattles
No will, skill, trill, thrill,
Is going to be worth it
I doubt everything
:icondjvolli:DJvoLLi 4 3
I pinch and pull
Try to drag it away
But even so
Those numbers grow
Every. Single. Day.
Just how many numbers until I'm beautiful?
I see what I want
It's everywhere.
It walks past me in the halls
But hides from me in the mirror.
If bigger is better, then why am I not loved?
The rare moments the powerful digits go down
I can breath and smile,
but it's only a while
Before the number is high again.
That brief hope lost...
how many numbers does worth cost?
:icondjvolli:DJvoLLi 4 1
I pick up my feet
    and watch
Boiling, black, bubbling,
      while it cra w  l   s
Atom by atom
          toward me.
Already lost the cat.
             I hear it in there.
I cant bite my lip
Any. Harder.
Feet, throat, eyes
            burning sore
It sticks to every
          available surface
Boiling, black, bubbling,
      my voice is insignificant
This home is uninhabitable
    I hate it here.
:icondjvolli:DJvoLLi 4 3
I imagined it differently.
The fight was more intense.
The numbness was less
         And I stood.
With dignity that wasn't mine for
A long time,
And then rose,
         Until I distorted into light
To a place of pure empathy
This anger isn't justified nor will it lead
To action worth justification
         But I think I’ll let it crush me
:icondjvolli:DJvoLLi 3 3
My Quiet Master
My heart b e a t s
My limbs Ache
My skin on FIRE
My mind ._blank
Freedom rolls through my breath
Power flowing from tense muscles
The fight is over
The words they said,
The mistakes they made,
The fear they got to enjoy
Before is a blur
During is quiet
After is white
My fists   f   a    s    t
My actions clean
My eyes ice
These marks pristine
There is evidence of me on their skin
There is proof of me in their cries
There is a place for me in their terror
Physical credits
To pay off this mental break
Rage is a quiet master,
Concrete stained with our encounter
Words are only so powerful
When matched with my actions
:icondjvolli:DJvoLLi 4 7
Thief Theater
Midnight’s massive murky maze
Conceals castles, corridors and columns
People; plundered, pillaged and praying
Scream for sacrifices, symbols, safety.
Lords lurch liquescent-tine toward loud
Calls calmly kept in
Dungeons; dragging, drowning; dangerous
Men that made the massive murky maze
Their theater
:icondjvolli:DJvoLLi 3 4
Yesterday Was 100 Years Ago
What I wouldn't give to have last year back...
If only for one day.
Have the laughs I had, and not be racked
By the pain and loneliness from a lifetime away.
What I wouldn't give to try again,
To listen and understand.
Better stories and pictures to remind me of my friends.
To be back as we'd began.
:icondjvolli:DJvoLLi 8 2
Rise of the Black World
Translucent skin, soft step, sober stillness in crimson eyes,
Nothing but a ghost
His gentle step brought life to the forest,
A quiet laugh, brought movement to the air
A scream ripped through his home,
As trees shuddered to the ground
Frantic he ran with other creatures desperate to get to safety
The ground fell away from where it sat, as the Old World howled in his ears
He looked back once,
Horrible monsters eating life,
Dark smoke trailing into the air
Black, bleaching across the ground
As tall figures, taller than any tree grew
He fell onto one of them as they rose
He shook as the ground fell away from him
Looking over the side, his home had vanished
He fell slowly to his knees
Sick rolled over him as he choked back tears
Fear pumped through his blood
As his skin turned grey
He folded quietly into himself
As a shadow fell over him
He lifted his eyes and shivered
An angry tear rolling down his sickening face
Tanned skin, strong posture, shielded eyes,
Another spirit
His motions jerk
:icondjvolli:DJvoLLi 6 0


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Break me,
Shake me,
Toss me to the floor.
Grind down what remains
Of my permanent
Feel the way
I want to stay,
Though I cannot
Take this anymore.
The fear deep down inside,
Blood trickling down my cheek.
I fight to hide
I stand to seek
What you could only dream.
I beseech you
Please stop
This madness
I can bear no more.
Free me or seek me
As I should truly be.
:iconaltered-affliction:alTered-Affliction 1 2
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I'm having withdrawals
The breathlessness
The tears
The itchiness
I need my moments in eternity and
the feel of omniscience
The speakers can't get play loud enough for me to lose it
There isn't enough to consume me
There isn't enough of /me/ in this movement
They said giving it up would better me,
propel me,
help me focus on building a better future.
But I'm tired of moving forward
without having a song to sing.
The Ache of Silence
Wrote this years ago when I left choir.

I still really miss being in a choir. 


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Spells, Characters and Letters, familiars;
Moxious roars, echoe into my grey toned visions,
They paint my breath, they are slaves
as I am,
to the inner monologue.


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